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At Pilates Life Studio we focus on building your body strong, healthy, and capable by using an intelligent approach to exercise.

For our Pilates Equipment sessions we skillfully meld traditional Pilates movements with healing exercises developed by physiotherapists and kinesiologists utilizing modern evidence-based strength principles keeping the client's abilities, limitations, and goals in the forefront.

During our Sculpt and Barre workouts we use evidence-based strength training exercises mixed with reformer jumpboard cardio with a dash of traditional Pilates movements.

Pilates Life Equipment Sessions

Pilates = healthy, strong, capable, energetic bodies

Think of Pilates as functional fitness training. Pilates unique method re-trains the functioning of the entire body as exercises are designed to work multiple muscles at once - like real life.

Pilates Life Studio's Equipment sessions use specialized pieces of Pilates equipment (called apparatus). For a description of each apparatus, please visit the Studio Equipment page.

Small Group Pilates Equipment

Two workstations in current studio, soon to have five workstations in new studio.

Think personal training for Pilates. To maximize the effectiveness of your workout, we cap our sessions at no more than four people. Receive personalized attention to develop strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, agility, whole body balance and proprioception (body awareness) using the reformer, chair, tower and barrels.

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Private Pilates Equipment

Injuried? In pain? Need a unique individualized plan working on a specific goal? Maximize your desired results by working one-on-one with a skilled trainer using the Pilates equipment: reformer, chair, tower and barrels with workouts that are tailored to you with your needs, goals, abilities, injuries, and chronic pain while working at a pace that is appropriate for you.

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“Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty not only to attain it but to maintain it.”

Joseph Pilates

Small Group Personal Training

Sculpt & Barre

 Total body strengthening sessions combining Pilates equipment exercises with other evidence-based resistance training exercises.

In a personal training format, we maximize the effectiveness of your workout by capping our sessions to five people (currently two people). Receive personalized attention gaining strength and endurance performing resistance training exercises using hand weights, bands, gliders, bosu, medicine balls, and kettlebells. Some of the exercises will be traditional Pilates exercises on Pilates equipment, as well as, using the jumpboard for cardio intervals.

Great for those who have an existing Pilates practice and want to spice things up. Offered several times weekly.

Small Group Jumpboard Sculpt

Two workstations in current studio, soon to have five workstations in new studio.

Energetic workouts combining evidence-based strength training exercises using a variety of traditional resistance tools like bands, dumbbells, and medicine balls with cardio intervals using the reformer jumpboard to build your body strong, capable and healthy.

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Small Group Jumpboard Barre

Two workstations in current studio, soon to have five workstations in new studio.

Total body workouts include barre-style strength training in combination with Pilates movement principles with the focus on building overall strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Lighter resistance tools like bands and light hand weights are used to build endurance, along with the reformer jumpboard, chair, and barrel.

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Nutritional Coaching

Customized Plan with Daily Accountability

We warmly welcome all shapes and abilities here at Pilates Life.

We know that each client has their own individual goals and desires unique to them. And often clients have tried exercise plans and/or restrictive diets that have led to frustration and weight gain.

Did you know there is an effective and thoroughly researched evidence-based method to fat loss that doesn't leave you hungry all the time? If you are interested to begin your healthy eating journey or want to reach a specific weight goal, we will get you there!
You receive daily personalized feedback, suggestions, motivation, and positive encouragement. And if you need a little push, you receive that too. There’s no shaming, only support.

Nutritional Coaching

Monthly subscription consisting of a customized plan with DAILY accountability

Building your healthy and capable body contains three simple elements:

1. Exercise that fits into your lifestyle

2. Realistic healthy eating

3. Consistency

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