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Here we focus on providing exceptional instruction melded with genuine enthusiasm and caring for your health that will inspire your dedication to the Pilates method.

Our current smaller studio has two full Pilates equipment work stations offering Pilates Life Signature Equipment group classes and Corrective Exercise private sessions. In Spring 2022, once in the new studio our Signature classes will have of 5-6 work stations.


Pilates Life Signature Equipment Classes

Pilates = healthy, strong, capable, energetic bodies

Think of Pilates as functional fitness training. Pilates unique method re-trains the functioning of the entire body as exercises are designed to work multiple muscles at once - like real life.

Pilates Life Studio's Signature Classes use specialized pieces of Pilates equipment (called apparatus):

  • Reformer
  • Stability Chair
  • Vertical Tower
  • Arc Barrel
  • Pilates handheld tools: Pilates ring, weighted bar, light toning balls


Main Focus:

1. build your body strong to enhance your life

2. create stability and flexibility in your joints to reduce discomfort and prevent injuries

3. improve whole body awareness and balance

4. have fun and feel empowered, which is motivating to stay consistent in your movement practice

Our sessions increase fitness levels in a fun and motivating way. Exercise doesn’t have to be arduous and painful. Enjoying your experience while gradually building your strength and endurance is the only way to stay consistent long term. Discover the Pilates Life way to better health!

Pilates Life Equipment Classes

Develop strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, agility, whole body balance and awareness as you move between studio equipment. You’ll use the reformer, chair, tower and barrels in a small group setting, maximizing your workout and receiving personalized attention.

$114/ 4pk 50min sessions

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Private Corrective Exercise Sessions 

Maximize your results by working one-on-one with a trainer using the reformer, chair, tower and barrels with workouts that are 100% tailored to you and your unique needs, abilities, injuries, and chronic pain while working at a pace that is appropriate for you.

$300/ 4pk 50min sessions

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“Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty not only to attain it but to maintain it.”

Joseph Pilates

Group Barre Life Classes

Larger group format of eight participants getting strong and having fun while working through effective workouts consisting of barre-style strengthening exercises and effective Pilates mat movements that challenges your body head to toe!

$120/ 8pk 55min sessions

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Group Zoom Mat Life Classes

Taught over Zoom this group class is an amazing blend of functional strength training exercises with traditional Pilates movements to improve posture, strengthen and lengthen your entire body, and gain endurance within your powerhouse core muscles.

$80/ 8pk 50min sessions

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Looking For Online Workouts?

Our sister company, Amy G Fitness, has over 200 guided workouts that are motivating and effective and all done at home with minimal equipment.

  • Pilates mat
  • Barre
  • Bodyweight HIIT
  • Metabolic Conditioning (strength training with HIIT)
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