Pilates Life Studio is a community-focused, warm, and inviting boutique Pilates studio located in the Willoughby area of Langley BC

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Pilates Life Studio is re-locating to a larger studio space!


This Spring 2022 the new studio will be conveniently located within the Willoughby Town Centre at 208 St and 80 Ave. Hoping to join in the fun now before the move? Stay connected by joining the mailing list to receive studio updates on class offerings PLUS weekly articles on all things health and wellness.

Here at Pilates Life Studio we focus on providing exceptional instruction melded with genuine enthusiasm and caring for your health that will inspire your dedication to the Pilates method.

We deliver Pilates in a fun and motivating format with a focus on increasing your fitness levels using customized Pilates equipment-based workouts that are tailored to meet your unique and specific needs. Enjoying your experience while gradually building your strength and endurance is the best way to stay consistent long term.


Three distinct offerings:

Private (1:1) Corrective Exercise Equipment Sessions



Small Group (4:1) Pilates Life Equipment Classes



Group Barre Life & Mat Life Live Zoom Classes


Services & Pricing

Excited to get started!

I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years as an ACE-certified personal trainer and NASM-certified corrective exercise specialist.

I am first and foremost a personal trainer with a focus on corrective exercise utilizing Pilates-based principles, building balanced bodies from the inside out.

I live and breathe Pilates and have training in classical and contemporary methods. My Pilates methodology is a contemporary approach that combines the original teaching of Joseph Pilates with cutting-edge principles of exercise science, bio-mechanics and rehabilitation.

I am a Precision Nutrition coach, which gives me expertise to coach clients to eat healthy and nutritiously. 


More About My Approach

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