Why Pilates?

Build your body inside and out, gaining balanced strength, becoming long and lean, correcting posture and movement patterns, reducing chronic pain, and helping prevent future injuries. 

Pilates equipment (called apparatus) was created and designed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1883 - 1967). He spent his life studying the body's healthy movement patterns, first in Germany and later in New York, USA, developing a system called Contrology.  His method became popular in the 1920s in New York and many clients came to him to help heal their imbalances and injuries.

Several of Joseph's clients were given permission to teach his method to others, who we now call Pilates Elders (Romana Kryzanowska, Kathy Grant, Eve Gentry, Lolita San Miguel, Carola Trier, Mary Bowen, Robert Fitzgerald, Ron Fletcher, Jay Grimes, and Bruce King). Each Elder had their own teaching style, but most have kept the essence of Joseph's original system. We call this style Classical Pilates.

With the contemporary Pilates method physiotherapists and kinesologists continue to use current exercise science to refine and expand the exercises into amazingly effective pre-habilitation and re-habilitation movements working the entire muscular system of the body, emphasizing the "powerhouse" muscles (abdominals, spinal erectors, low back, gluteals, adductors, abductors, and hip flexors).

Here at Pilates Life Studio we teach within the original repertoire of over 500+ exercises, but we may modify the exercise to help create attainable success while keeping the original intent of the movement.


Benefits of the Pilates Apparatus Exercises:

  • Creates long and lean muscles as the effectiveness of the spring system of the reformer, tower, and chair lengthens while strengthening the muscles
  • Focuses on core strength and proper muscle engagement which improves athletic performance, low back pain, injury recovery, weight loss, balance, and bone density
  • Safe on the joints
  • Accommodates full range of motion, great for increasing flexibility while building strength
  • Variety of exercises mainly supported on the carriage is beneficial for pre-habilitation and re-habilitation 
  • Activates the smaller, stability muscles usually missed in regular strength exercises
  • The specialized Pilates equipment gradually and safely helps the body gain strength and body awareness
  • The vast number of Pilates exercises (over 500!) combined with the variety of Pilates equipment keeps the workouts at the appropriate level for each participant. Workouts can be as supportive or as challenging as needed and desired
  • Everyone can do it! The movements are accessible for all levels and abilities, from strong women to teenagers to seniors and elite athletes to people with a more sedentary lifestyle
  • Perfect to combine with an athletic program, using as an additional program to build body from the inside out, great for runners, weight lifters, cyclists, all athletes benefit!

Learn More About Pilates Principles

All schools of Pilates teach a set of principles that we can apply to our Pilates practice, but also to our daily life.


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