"Let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food"


Nutritional Coaching

Customized plan tailored for your goals and needs

Everyone knows how to diet. Unfortunately most diets fail in the end and often slow down your metabolism leading to weight gain. The body is skillful at holding on to it's fat stores, there is a scientific reason for this, so body composition changes need to be addressed intelligently one step at a time. Changing our eating habits and relationship to food creates lasting lifestyle change.

We know eating healthy and exercising bring results, but often the missing piece is doing both consistently. That is where the accountability piece comes in. Checking in with me DAILY via text or email and filling me in to what you ate and how you moved while receiving crucial feedback is KEY to your success.

Monthly Coaching Details

Sustainable Program

Based on your needs, lifestyle, and goals we create a realistic plan together, one that you will actually stick to.

Daily Coaching

Holding you accountable while providing important feedback and supportive guidance.

Lifestyle Habits

Without overwhelm, we gradually implement lasting habit change creating individual goals that are meaningful to you.

Customized Plan

Many options for how we create your personalized meal plan:

  • planned out servings of protein, fat, and carbohydrates
  • or portion guide
  • or personalized macro-nutrient guide based on goals and activity level
  • or habit-based approach

Nutritional Coaching (1:1)

Customized Plan with Daily Accountability

We warmly welcome all shapes and abilities here at Pilates Life.

We know that each client has their own individual goals and desires unique to them. And often clients have tried exercise plans and/or restrictive diets that have led to frustration and weight gain.

Did you know there is an effective and thoroughly researched evidence-based method to fat loss that doesn't leave you hungry all the time? If you are interested to begin your healthy eating journey or to reach a specific weight goal, we will get you there!

You receive daily personalized feedback, suggestions, motivation, and positive encouragement. And if you need a little push, you receive that too. There’s no shaming, only support.

Every month receive:

  • Access to a personal coach supporting and guiding you from start to finish through the ups and downs.
  • Monthly coaching call (30 minutes) revisiting and updating goals
  • Revised customized meal plan (you pick the options from fully customized meal plan, or individualized macro-nutrient ratio plan, or portioned meals, or habit-based approach)
  • Daily coaching via text and/or email providing support keeping you accountable day by day to ensure we reach your goal
  • Realistic food and exercise plan based on your needs and goals

$299/ month

Discount available to all in-person Pilates Life Studio clients, email to inquire.

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Our Nutritional Philosophy

With all the confusing misinformation on diet and exercise out there, it’s hard to know which is the right path to follow. Here at Pilates Life Studio, we dispel all the myths and coach using an evidenced-based approach.

We believe that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Studies show that when people focus on how amazing their bodies feel when healthy and strong, they sustain lasting lifestyle changes, rather than trying to fit their bodies into an unrealistic mold. Finding what works for your body and mind works best long term.

I have trainings in nutritional coaching (Precision Nutrition), fat loss (DTS Lean Body), and health and wellness (ACE). Every step of the way, I provide support and guidance towards your individual path to health and wellness, because consistency is key to making your goals come true.

More About the Studio

10-Day Reset Total Body Program

Looking for an inspirational kick start to embark on your health and fitness journey?

Focus on resetting the body by eating healthy whole foods and moving the body daily.

This program is designed to rid your body of built-up toxins and wastes, normalize your hormone levels, give you more energy, make your skin glow, and feed and fuel your body so you feel ridiculously amazing.

Program Includes:

  • Success Manual: Contains the best tips, strategies, and recipes to help you get the most out of this reset.
  • Daily Checklist: Makes sure you are staying on track with the key components on a daily basis. 
  • Optional Meal Plan: Customize and make it your own based on the rules in your success manual
  • Recipes: Delicious healthy food that is easy to make
  • Grocery List: Complete grocery list to take to the store
  • Daily Guided Workouts: strength training, cardio training, Pilates mat, stretching and foam rolling, everything you need to succeed! 
  • Daily Emails: Each day has new inspirational advice is to keep you motivated
  • Mobile app: so you can access your online program via your mobile device, as well as, the computer 

This self-paced online program is very different than the Nutritional Coaching membership. The membership provides a 100% customized plan built for you, whereas this Reset program provides all the tools you need to follow a ready-made plan. It does give a taste of my style of coaching and the food I recommend.

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