"A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion"

Joseph Pilates



Small Group (2:1) Pilates Life Equipment Sessions

Movement is the essence of life. And our bodies were designed to move. 


Pilates is a proven system to change the way your body moves and functions, enhancing every aspect of your life

These equipment sessions are like personal training for Pilates. Receive an effective full body workout by performing traditional Pilates exercises on the Pilates equipment. Working on the Pilates equipment allows for individualized workouts for your body and capabilities.

All levels sessions emphasis building strength, endurance, coordination, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Choose from four styles of classes depending on your unique goals.

Two workstations in current studio, soon to have five workstations in new studio.

Studio Equipment Details

Small Group Personal Training

As a personal trainer with a corrective exercise background I design each session to build the entire body strong within a deliberately crafted sequence of exercises.

Being in a small group format, I customize the exercises to the regular attending clients, knowing all injuries, limitations, and abilities. I guide you through an effective workout with lots of encouragement and guidance on your form.

Four Styles of Equipment Sessions

All Pilates Life Studio sessions are all levels, meaning you are welcome to attend any of our styles. Below provides a list of details distinguishing the styles so you can make the best choice for your success. Each successive style moves at a faster flowing pace.

Here at the studio you will be provided layers of movement for most of the exercises, so you can choose which layer feels best in your body. Each class is intelligently designed to create success in your movement.

It is highly recommended to stick with the style of class that matches your ability best.


Rehabilitative classes move at a gentle pace. Quality of movement is stressed over quantity of repetitions. Perfect for those who:

  • have injuries and limitations that require a slow and gentle pace
  • want extra time changing positions between exercises
  • need more stretching periods
  • are beginners of a movement practice
  • will learn proper technique through pre-Pilates movements and a handful level 1 exercises


Refresh classes move at an average pace, perfect for those who:

  • have injuries and limitations that require a moderate pace
  • want time changing positions between exercises
  • expect to be challenged at a pace appropriate for you
  • newer Pilates equipment participants learning the ropes
  • experienced participants hoping to feel "refreshed" after class
  • want to work on level 1 and a handful of level 2 Pilates exercises


Think a glowy flow, moving at a fairly consistent pace. Your whole body will be challenged from head to toe, and expect to be a little sweaty by the end of class. Perfect for those who:

  • want the perfect workout: challenged safety at your level of ability
  • know the equipment and can change your springs and settings
  • love a constant flowing pace (or doesn't mind moving slower, while others flow at a faster pace)
  • those with a good amount of consistent classes under your belt, plus intermediate to advanced practitioners wanting a great workout
  • may have a minor injury who know your limitations and will take the alternative exercises offered when necessary
  • want to work on level 1, level 2, and a handful of level 3 Pilates exercises


Want a kick-butt sweat sesh? Then this is the class for you! This is a Glow level class that includes strategically placed cardio intervals keeping the intensity high the entire class. Perfect for those who:

  • have strength and endurance to handle the demanding exercises
  • know the equipment well and can change your spring and settings quickly
  • love fast transitions with little rest between exercises (or doesn't mind moving slower, while others flow at a faster pace)
  • want to be a sweaty puddle by the end of class
  • may have a minor injury who know your limitations and will take the alternative exercises offered when necessary
  • want to work on level 1, level 2, and a handful of level 3 Pilates exercises

Our Training Philosophy

At Pilates Life Studio we focus on building your body strong, healthy, and capable by using an intelligent approach to exercise.

While respecting Joseph Pilates’ original exercises, we skillfully meld traditional Pilates movements with healing exercises developed by physiotherapists and kinesiologists utilizing modern evidence-based strength principles.

Our workouts are challenging because change can't happen without hard work and consistency. We work individually with every client to help you discover your potential so you can reach your health and fitness goals. We warmly welcome all abilities and levels and we celebrate every success.

More About the Studio

Small Group Equipment Pricing

Tap into a new level of strength and discover how Pilates can change the way you move and perform in every aspect of your life.


NEW Studio!

The new Willoughby Town Centre studio opening in Fall 2022 our Equipment classes will be offered in a small group format of 4-5 workstations (presently max 2 participants in current home studio) to ensure the highest quality, personalized experience possible. Feel confident knowing you will receive an effective workout tailored to reach your goals with lots of individual attention.


Private Sessions First

In order to ensure the group session's safety and flow, it is ideal to have 2 private sessions to discover your settings and modifications that are appropriate for you. The first private session includes a thorough movement assessment to investigate your unique movement patterns, individual goal setting, plus an introductory workout on all pieces of equipment. Second session is an equipment workout going through your personal settings and common exercises you will see in Pilates Equipment sessions. Special INTRO offer of 2 private sessions for $120. More details here.


Two Payment Options:

Memberships & Drop-In Pass



Commit to a regular day and time each week working at your own equipment station. This booking system guarantees you get in to your desired time slots, which is the best way to see improvement with a consistent workout schedule.

Within the membership model you are guaranteed the same session day and time every week.

Memberships are charged based on a 4-week auto convenience payment.

If you can't make your usual session day and time, you can switch your session to another available time within your current 28 day billing cycle. This switch needs to occur 24 hours before your scheduled session.


Monthly Memberships

1 weekly session = $132 per 28 day cycle ($33 per session)

2 weekly sessions = $256 per 28 day cycle ($32 per session)

3 weekly sessions = $372 per 28 day cycle ($31 per session)

4 weekly sessions = $480 per 28 day cycle ($30 per session)

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Drop-In Passes

Committing to a regular time slot may not work for your schedule, optional drop in session passes are available. The drop in session pass does not include a standing reservation of a same day and time every week. Pass can be used for any available work station in the schedule.


1 Session Pass

1 drop-in session = $40 ($40 per session)


4 Session Pass

4 drop-in sessions = $148 ($37 per session)


8 Session Pass

8 drop-in sessions = $288 ($36 per session)


12 Session Pass

12 drop-in sessions = $420 ($35 per session)


Expires 14 weeks

Purchase Passes Here

Studio Policies

We have several studio policies that are important for each client to read over before committing to come for sessions. This will help keep each client's experience here at the studio a positive one. After reading the policies, if you have any questions or concerns, please use the connect form below.  We'd love to know your expectations for us at the studio.

We also have a list of helpful etiquette rules to ensure all sessions are enjoyable and meaningful for all participants. These rules will also help keep the studio in good working order.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the policies. See you at class!

Studio Policies

Pilates Life Studio Schedule


Please fill out this contact form with any questions you may have. We will get back to you with-in 24 hours. We'd love to help you reach your health and fitness needs and goals!

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